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Articles published in newspapers, magazines, journals, Internet or even any other type of publication are mostly a section of a larger written prose work. They can be fictional or non-fictional, depending on the topic they have been written. If an article is written to educate the readers, mostly it can have a fictional base, but the facts and calculations provided are true. However, it can just simply be a true piece of information.

Such are known as feature articles that intend to inform, teach, or amuse the reader on a topic centering around human interest. Such articles may include conventions found in fiction such as dialogue, plot and character. A feature article is an umbrella term that includes many literary structures: personality sketches, essays, how-to`s, interviews and many others.

In this site, we have tend to present before you articles on various topics, like travel, inventions, discoveries, GK, geography, books and much more. This is to provide before you a complete information on all interesting topics. Such topics take an in-depth look at issues behind a news story, often concentrating on background events, persons or circumstances. | Home |