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Bathroom Etiquette

Your bathroom should be as clean as the rest of your house. In fact probably more! You wouldn`t want anyone to leave a dirty bathroom for you to use would you?

* After a bath or after you use the toilet, you must make sure that you clean up. Do flush. Don`t leave bits of tissue or soap lying around.

* Place toohbrushes, soaps and shampoos where they belong.

* Put your towel out to dry instead of leaving it crumpled and wet in the bathroom.

* Put your clothes which need to be washed, in the bucket or basket provided, not strewn all over the bathroom floor.

* Remember to switch off all lights, geyers and exhaust fans when you leave the bathroom.

* If you are a guest, messing around with the host`s toiletries is a no-no. Carry your own towel, soap, brush and paste.

* If you are going to have guests at home, make sure that your bathroom is clean and spotless. Arrange for fresh towels, new soap and a tube of toothpaste. It also makes sense to keep some new toothbrushes handy for guests who forget to carry their own.

* Always keep an air freshener in the bathroom or toilets. After you are done, mop the floor dry.

* Before leaving, check to see that you have not left hair all over the bathroom floor and sink. If there is, clean up. Always provide for a dustbin inside the bathroom if possible.

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