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Become a Bookworm

Become a Bookworm

Provide a wide range of reading materials in your home. In addition to books, magazines and newspapers are important.

Demonstrate how reading provides you with practical information. Show your child what you learn from reading, i.e. get a chocolate chip cookie recipe from a magazine or instructions on how to repair a lamp from a how-to book.

Read aloud to your children everyday. Begin this routine when they are infants and don`t stop when they learn to read by themselves. Even school-age children enjoy listening to stories read out loud.

Encourage your pre-schoolers to tell you stories based on pictures they see in books and magazines. When your children learn to read, encourage them to read aloud to you.

Take your children to the library frequently and show them how to select their own books. The children`s librarian can help you do this.

Encourage your children to talk about books they`ve read. Plan activities related to books they enjoyed. For example, plan a trip to the zoo after reading a book about animals.

Children enjoy hearing the same story over and over again, so try to share their enthusiasm for a familiar book or character.

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