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Bluetooth Technology

To connect one electronic device to another, one normally uses cables, wires, plugs and a vast number of other components which make the device quite complicated. For example a TV will normally connect to a VCR and a cable box, with a remote control for all three components. Or a  CPU unit will have to be connected to a mouse, a keyboard, a printer and so on with many cables and plugs. Sometimes, it becomes so complicated that one wonders whether considering a degree in electrical engineering would not be too far out.

Bluetooth Technology

But recently, a new kind of wireless technology has been making waves in the info-tech industry . This is what is known as Bluetooth technology. It is wireless and automatic and has been changing lifestyles the world over.

Bluetooth is a standard developed by a group of electronics manufacturers that allows any kind of electronic  equipment to make its own connections, without wires, cables or any physical contact. Bluetooth works on global radio-frequency (RF) standards, which operates on the 2.4 GHz ISM band. So when you travel, you don`t have to worry about keeping track of a briefcase full of cables and components . Its also inexpensive and you dont need to be an electrical engineer to figure out where the wires will go.

Actually, you don`t need to do anything really. The devices find one another and strike up a conversation without any user input at all.

Infra red also is a wireless technology and relatively cheap; but Bluetooth scores over this because it does not need a "line of sight".

Bluetooth  Cordless Phone

In a roomful of devices which are all running on Bluetooth, will there be a mix up? The answer is no, because the manufacturer of each product ( cordless, pc, dvd , tv etc) has programmed each unit with an address for a particular type of device. When the base of say a cordless phone, is turned on, it sends radio signals asking for a response from other units with an address in a particular range. Since the handset of the cordless phone has a corresponding address , it will respond. Even if these devices receive a signal from another device it will ignore them since it is not from within a known network. Once the network is established the devices begin "talking" amongst themselves.

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