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Bones form the wooden framework of our body. They are primarily made of calcium and phosphorus along with proteins. The bones are joined with each other at the joints just like the pipes are attached to each other at the hinges. The surface of the bone forming the joint is lined by a soft cushion called the cartilage so that the bones do not rub against each other and damage each other. The joints are made stronger by the ligaments that line the joint. Hence, a sprain (called tearing of a ligament) is seen at a joint and has to be bandaged to maintain stability of the joint. The collection of bones in the body is called the skeleton. Bones are very important for our body: It gives the shape to the body. Imagine, if we had no bones than we would be just a lump of fat and muscles with shapeless shapes. It protects the various organs of the body from damage. It gives attachment to the muscles and so that our muscles can work properly. The bones contain the bone marrow through which blood is formed.

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