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Book Reviews
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Book Reviews are mostly analyzed by the reviewers according to their own taste and standards or to promulgate their own ideas on the topic of a fiction or non-fiction work. But here, we are not here to review or in the literally sense be critical of any book, but are actually here to help the kids, by providing them with the knowledge of the latest and the most helpful books for every age.

While a long list of books are present in the markets today, we have short-listed a few books that we think are a "must read" for every child. Not that the other books are not good or helpful, but we have taken into consideration all the factors that will actually go ahead and help the overall development of the child.

Here, we thus provide you a list of the many books that we have reviewed from all angles so that you could make your choices of reading those, that appeal to your taste. We have reviewed the books of the Indian as well as the internationally acclaimed authors... so go ahead, take your pick and wish you a happy reading! | Home |