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Dining Etiquette -II

  1. If you are dining at a guests, do not ever say hat the food is bad. If you don`t like it, eat only a little.

  2. Always take only the quantity of food you can eat. Try and avoid wastage.

  3. Keep your plate as clean as possible when you eat. You can use a side plate for stowing aside unused food.

  4. If you happen to belch while eating,  you must say , "excuse me". 

  5. If you are eating with cutlery you must cut your food up into bite sized portions before putting it in your mouth.

  6. Never place your belongings on the table while you eat.

  7. And last, but not least, learn how to use your fork spoon and knife in the correct manner.

  8. Dining Etiquette - # 4

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