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Dining Etiquette - I

When we dine in the presence of others we must observe some rules of etiquette.

  1. When you sit down at a table together to eat, don`t start wolfing down your food as soon as it arrives. You must start with all the rest of the people.

  2. Eat slowly, and with your mouth closed.

  3. You should not have bits and pieces of food sticking to your chin or cheeks.

  4. If you are using napkins and cutlery, do not wave such pieces of cutlery around to attract the attention of waiters.

  5. Once a piece of cutlery has been lifted, it does not go back on the table, but should be placed on the plate.

  6. When a napkin is used, do not tuck it under your chin. It should be placed on your lap.
  7. Sit straight and always keep your elbows off the table.

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