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Greeting someone forms an important part of etiquette in all cultures. Every country and every culture has its own norms. The moment of greeting a person is of great importance because that is when first impressions are created. Hence, it is important to be on your very best behaviour when greeting someone, new or old.

  1. In the Asian culture, especially in Japanese, people bow their heads slightly.
  2. Indians do the `namaste`.
  3. Latinos greet with a small embrace, while Muslims men hug each other, but avoid contact with women.
  4. Mediterranean people kiss each other on the cheek.
  5. The American and the British shake hands.

Some cultures do not encourage eye contact while greeting. This is done as a mark of respect.

What is really important when you greet a person, even if you are not familiar with the culture, is the respect, kindness and warmth that you show. Nowadays, shaking hands like the Westerners is commonly accepted etiquette everywhere.

After greeting a person, always try to address the person by his or her name, unless it is a relation whom you address in your own personal way.

A warm and cheerful greeting always makes the other person feel at home.

Responding to the other person in the same language is also a mark of respect as well as friendliness. For example, if you are greeted in Hindi do try in respond in the same language and manner.

With unknown cultures and languages, of course, usage of gestures and English as a means of communication is considered appropriate and not rude. 

Etiquette means a code of behaviour which helps us get along with one another. Every culture and region has its own system of manners and etiquette, but the values and principles they teach are similar.

The very basic rules of etiquette in any culture are the same -

  1. Be kind and civil 
  2. Treat everybody with respect and politeness
  3. Share not only your belongings but also your joys and triumphs and sorrows.

At home has already been covered , so I am moving on to other areas:

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