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Fascinating Food Facts

Fascinating Food Facts

1. According to the Texas Peanut Producers Board, Americans eat enough peanut butter each year to cover the floor of the Grand Canyon. In a day, Americans eat more than 4 million pounds of peanuts.

2. The International Ice Cream Association reports that in the average household, 66% of the ice cream is eaten by adults.

3. Chocolate can be lethal to dogs. About 2 ounces of milk chocolate can be poisonous for a ten pound puppy because it affects the cardiac muscle and central nervous system.

4. There are certain flowers that are edible, so the next time you are making a salad, why not dress it up with a little flower power. Since not all flowers are edible, it`s best to check with an expert before you decide to walk out the garden to pick a snack.

5. Male turkeys are the only turkeys that gobble. Female turkeys make a clicking noise.

6. The largest turkey in the world weighed in at 86 pounds. It was raised by Leacroft Turkeys, Ltd. in Petersborough, United Kingdom.

7. A hard boiled egg spins but a soft cooked or raw egg does not.

8. .007 calories are consumed while licking a stamp.

9. According to the Pork Information Bureau, 6 out of 10 respondents in a Gallup survey said it`s okay to go a week or more without cooking anything from scratch.

10. It takes 75,000 violet Crocus to make 1 pound of spice saffron.

11. The National Restaurant Association reports that the top foods eaten in restaurants last year were hamburgers, steak and roast beef.

12. There are fewer calories in ostrich and emu meats than there are in pork, beef, deer and other types of poultry.

13. According to a Kraft Cheese Family Study, America`s top family main dishes are spaghetti, 52%; grilled chicken, 50% and Pizza, 49%. Favorite side dishes are baked potato, salad and pasta.

14. The Campbell Soup Company reports that they make more pasta stars than there are real stars in the Milky Way.

15. Riviana reports that it takes 300 gallons of water to grow one pound of rice.

16. Did you know that an ear of corn never has an odd number of rows?

17. According to Asia-Ads, potato chips have been in existence since 1853. Another interesting fact reported by the same group said that the discovery of Root Beer was a result of the collaborative thinking of the early American settlers and the Native Americans.

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