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Fuller`s Earth

Fuller`s Earth (Multani Mitti)

What is Fuller`s Earth?
Fullers earth is a naturally occuring clay material that has the property of decolourizing bleaching) and purifying oil and grease. The bleaching and purifying occur when particles of fuller`s earth remove ashphalt and resin from fatty or oil substances by the process of

It was once uesd to remove grease from wool, a process known as fulling and done by fullers. Hence the name fuller`s earth. Today it is used mainly in the  petroleum industry to purify crude oil and to lighten its colour. It is also used to refine edible oil. The largest deposits are found in Us. Uk and Japan.

In india it is known as Multhani mitti . It is also used by beuticians as a face mask to cleanse the skin.


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