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Fun with Poetry
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Winter Time

Poetry is a kind of a verse that uses particular forms and conventions to expand the literal meaning of the words, or to evoke emotional or sensual responses. Poetries thus, can be used for all the moods and areheard for any age group, but it is more useful in educating the young little minds, right from the toddlers till the fifth grade children! Nowadays, many poems educate the kids right from the basic colours, seasons, shapes, people and many more. Thus, poetries are an integral part of the child`s education and it is proved that a child remembers them, better than any prose chapters. Thus, even till date, it is not very surprising to notice, the parents remembering the old poems of their times to hum the same for their little kids!

But apart from being an educative factor, poetry is another fun way to ease the minds of the little kids! How you may so ask? All poems have a typical rhyme scheme, which sounds very melodious to the kids, when they listen to them. Some of them can also be accompanied by music, which can also be sung as a lullaby for them. There are many forms of poetry as in: classroom poems, humorous poems, nonsense poems, serious poems, lullabies and other children`s songs.

Thus, this site gives you a head-on start to educate your little ones, with the collection of all types of poetries we have. You can sing it to them, accompany them with music, or even educate them! Our collection includes poetries for all ages, right from the toddlers till the school children and yes, even the adults! So go ahead, and have a lot of fun with the children, with the poetries! | Home |