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1. Mt. Everest is situated in the

a. Trans-Himalaya

b. Greater Himalaya

c. Middle Himalaya

d. Siwaliks

2. `Biafo` and `Baltoro` situated in the Trans-Himalaya are

a. Mountain Peaks

b. Glaciers

c. Lakes

d. Valleys

3. Which is the highest peak among the following?

a. K2

b. Kanchanjunga

c. Nanda Devi

d. Nanga Parbat

5. In Maharashtra, the Western Ghats are known by the name of

a. Sahyadris

b. Nilgiris

c. Cardamom Hills

d. Annamalai Hills

6. Which of the following types of soils is the most typical of the Deccan Plateau?

a. Alluvial Soils

b. Black Cotton Soils

c. Red Soils

d. Laterite Soils

7. The Indus Water Treaty was signed between

a. India and Nepal

b. India and Bangladesh

c. India and Bhutan

d. India and Pakistan

10. Which of the following was India`s first National Park?

a. Kanha National Park

b. Corbett National Park

c. Kaziranga National Park

Bandipur National Park

11. The highest dam in India is

a. Bhakra Nangal

b. Narmada Sagar

c. Nagarjuna Sagar

d. Hirakud

12. The Bodhghat Project in Madhya Pradesh lies across the river

a. Indravati

b. Tapti

b. Periyar

c. Ganges

13. The Idduki hydro-electric project is located in

a. Andhra Pradesh

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Karnataka

d. Kerala

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