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Golden Bowerbird

Bower birds are one of the most interesting creatures in the Avian world. These birds are generally found in the Australian regions and though they are not much look at, the Golden Bowerbirdmale species of these birds go to enormous lengths to build ornamented structures resembling bowers in order to attract females.  The Golden Bowerbird can generally be found around Queensland at altitudes between 900 and 1500 m The mature males are golden olive brown in colour with golden yellow underparts, crown and nape.

In the case of the Golden Bowerbird, the bower is usually about two metres tall and constructed around two trunks of saplings connected loosely by a fallen branch. The branch and the towers of sticks on each side are decorated with lichens and pale flowers or fruits.

The males go to extraordinary lengths to beautify their nests. The rarer the objects, the more the male seem to fancy them. The male golden bowerbird will build a maypole type of bower of one or two towers or sticks upti 3m tall with a display perch. Skillfully laid sticks connect the towers and these are elaborately decorated. Often, pale coloured orchid, jasmines and other flowers  seepods and lichens are used. The sticks become glued together after a while because of the fungi.

Golden Bowerbird

The bower is so important to the bird and there is such fierce competition that sometimes other males are on the lookout and will steal anything that seems attractive. Once a structure is made with such pain, it is not discarded easily. The male can use it from 7 up to 9 years and sometimes , the same site can be used from generation to generation-sometimes for up to 60 years.

All this trouble to make the bower beautiful is for attracting females. The female bowerbird is very discriminative. She will choose to mate only with the male who has managed to attain the rarest of ornaments.

Some golden bowerbirds live upto 25 years of age and the best time to see a bowerbird is between November and January . This is when the males are active building bowers and the females are nesting.

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