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Kashmir - HeliskiingHeliskiing is the practice of alpine skiing using a helicopter to gain altitude instead of ski lifts. This allows heliskiers to ski off-piste from many different starting points when compared to using regular fixed ski lifts. It also allows people to ski in remote areas. Heliskiing is sometimes considered an extreme sport. The main risks are avalanches and skiing into obstacles such as trees or rocks. Helicopters used for heliskiing usually have an exterior locker in which skis and other equipment can be stored.

Kashmir Hub offers you details of winter sports that are extremely popular in the state of Kashmir. The winter sports that attract tourists to Kashmir from far and wide include skiing, heliskiing, ice-skating and snow boarding.

HeliskiingGulmarg also offers heliskiing for winter sports lovers. It is Asia`s only heliskiing resort and in fact after Canada, Kashmir is the best option for those inclined towards heliskiing. Heliskiing comprises of being dropped by a helicopter on the summit of a high, snow-covered peak and then skiing down the slopes. Heliskiing in Kashmir can be a breathtaking experience. Heliskiing is the ultimate winter sports thrill for the adventure sports lover. This extreme winter sport has some element of risk but the thrill experienced while indulging in heliskiing is said to be unequalled by any other winter sport.

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