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Historical Personalities.. Amazing facts of History.. Personalities

Not only the GK and the information about present and future is important, but even the past is very much a valuable asset for every individual! History is an important part of every country`s legacy and one should be proud of it. However, more importantly one should be properly educated about it!

The history of India has gone through many rough and lean patches and for every Indian; the history of Indian Freedom holds a very important place in his heart. Thus, here, we have tried to provide for the children, all the information possible about Indian history in a very simple and easy-to-understand language.

History of India is not completed unless we know about the great leaders that have been the actual reason for us to gain freedom from the British. These men were not super-heroes, but yet, they rose from their ordinary caliber and made themselves extra-ordinary by providing us our independence. We provide here, the information about such personalities, their biographies and their achievements.

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