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Homework Help ( Keys to Success)

Homework! Wouldn`t we all love to avoid it! But usually we can`t and if we do , we have to face the prospect of punishment the next day. So what do we do? To get an answer to that question we need to understand first the reason why teachers give us homework in the first place

Homework Help ( Keys to Success)

First, homework helps you to understand and review the work that was done in your class. Secondly, it helps the teacher to see whether the student has understood the lesson and thirdly, it helps the students to learn how to find and use more information on a subject. But most importantly it is the link between the school and home to show what progress is happening.

When we sit down to do our homework we are often distracted by many things around us and end up losing out on time and work. This often leads to homework piling up and becoming stressful for us and our parents. But if you follow these few easy steps, learning can become fun and homework wont seem like such a punishment. After all who doesnt want to see good grades at the end of the day?

  1. Avoid Clutter : 
    Create your own work station or place to study. A desk with some good lighting and preferably near a window so that you can get natural light during the daytime is ideal.  Take pains to keep your desk free of clutter. A desk full of untidy books and pencils and odds and ends will automatically put you off.

  2. Reach Out :
    Keep everything at arms length. Organize your things before you sit down .

  3. Correct posture:
    Get yourself a comfortable, straight backed chair. Your spine is important. Sit straight, don`t slouch.

  4. Make a time-table :
    Set targets which you can accomplish. It will help you put things in order. Tick off things that you have completed as you go along. It will help you to see how much you have achieved. 

  5. Prioritize :
    Try to arrange your work in such a way that you do the most important or most difficult task first. 

  6. Concentrate :
    There may be many distractions - a fun TV soap, an engrossing cricket match, or that oh-so good book you just mush finish. Discipline your self that you will look at them only when you have done your homework.

  7. Work Late :
    It never hurts to work for a couple of hours extra some nights. It will help you catch up on lost time and keeps you abreast and possibly ahead of your class.

  8. Sit back and take stock : 
    At the end of each week, review what progress you have made and how much you have to catch up on. You will be surprised to find how good it feels to look back on work that has been accomplished successfully.

  9. Read :
    In your spare time read as much as you can about anything and everything. 

  10. Enjoy and Have Fun :
    Do keep some time for sports and hobbies and time to enjoy yourself. Remember, if you enjoy work, nothing can stop you from reaching for the skies.

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