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How To Take A Five Minute Mid- Work Break

How To Take A Five Minute Mid- Work Break

A five-minute stretch break can relieve stress, ease muscle tension, improve your mood, and increase alertness as much as a cup of coffee. Repeat each exercise five times:

Shoulder roll: Shrug your shoulders and lift them up to your ears as high as you can. Slowly roll forward as far possible five times in a circular motion. Then roll your shoulders backward five times with the same circular motion.

Neck stretch: Keeping your back straight, let your head drop slowly to the left, then to the right. Slowly drop your chin to your chest, and then raise your chin as high as you can. Turn your head to the left, return it to the normal position, and then turn it to the right.

Side stretch: Interlace your fingers. Lift your arms over your head. Keeping your elbows straight, press your arms backwards as far as you can. Slowly lean to the left and then the right until you can feel stretching. Keep your neck straight when doing this stretch.

Quadriceps: While sitting down, bring your legs straight out in front of your body, and then hold them in that position for five seconds. Make sure you are sitting up straight.

Posture: Face a wall with your feet six inches from the wall and six inches apart. Start with your arms down at your sides. Inhale deeply, slowly lift up your arms over your head and touch the wall, while you concentrate on tightening your stomach. Slowly lower your arms and exhale.

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