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Mizoram - InbuanThis is another traditional game from the North Eastern States of India. Played in Mizoram, Inbuan resembles combat-wrestling. The sport is played in a circle, 15 to 16 feet in diameter, on a carpet or grass. The winner, is the one who succeeds in lifting his opponent off the ground, using strength, skill and rapid movement of the arms and legs. By using the legs, the aim is to loosen the grip of an opponent`s legs or feet, but kicking is prohibited.

The contest is conducted over three rounds, each of 30 to 60 second duration, or till one of the players is lifted off the ground. Stepping outside the ring and bending of knees is not permitted. The belt or catch-hold rope, around the waist, has to remain tight all through the game.

Inbuan as a sport became known only, after the Mizos migrated from Burma to the Lushai hills. It is said, that it was invented in the village of Dungtland in 1750 A.D. It is a game of strength, which every newcomer to the village had to demonstrate, when matched against the strongest man in the village.

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