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Information Technology

1) What does POST stand for?

a) Printer Online Standard Test

b) Power On Self Test

c) Power Off Standard Test

d) Preferred Operating System Timing

2) A problem with parity error indicates a problem with:

a) hard drive

b) I/O Controller

c) power supply

d) memory

3) WAN stands for:

a) Wide Area Network

b) World Area Network

c) Wide Artificial Network

d) Wide Access Network

4) Which processor has a 32-bit Data Bus and a 24-bit Address Bus?

a) 80286

b) 80386DX

c) 80486SX

d) 80386SX

5) The ISA bus has what size Bus Width?

a) 16-bit

b) 8-bit

c) 8 MHz

d) 4.77 MHz

e) 24-bit 6) True/False: CD-ROMs typically hold 1000 megabytes.

a) True

b) False

7) Hard drives can use the following interfaces (check all that apply):

a) IDE

b) Serial


d) DB-15

8) What is the function of MSCDEX.EXE?

a) A DOS CD-ROM driver

b) Memory Management Program

c) Loads Windows 3.11 into Upper Memory

d) SCSI driver

9) True/False: Older BIOSs may need to be upgraded to support newer hard drives.

a) True

b) False

10) How many devices can you connect to a typical SCSI adapter?

a) 2

b) 7

c) 8

d) 2 Internal, 7 External

11) Which of the following would NOT be considered an FRU? (Choose all that apply)

a) NFU Controller

b) Hard Drive

c) System Board

d) RAM Chips

12) Your system boots up but you don`t hear a beep, which part should you check first?

a) RAM

b) System Board

c) CPU

d) Speaker

13). The laser printer has 6 steps it follows to print.

a) True

b) False

14) What type of interface has the fastest data transfer?

a) Parallel

b) Serial

c) DirectCPU Bus


e) IDE

15) You have an existing hard drive on your IDE adapter. You are installing a second hard drive and want the first hard drive to still be the bootable hard drive. How should you configure the second hard drive?

a) master

b) beta

c) slave

d) secondary

16) Your system continuously reboots itself. Which of the following could be the problem? (Check all that apply)

a) Bad system board

b) Bad Power Supply

c) Faulty Adapter Card

d) AC Power Faulty

e) All of the above

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