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Kirip is an indigenous form of wrestling quite popular with the Nicobarese tribe. In this sport, before the bout begins, wrestlers grip each other from behind with their hands, and this grip is not to be slackened till the very end of the competition. The wrestler, using various parts of the body, including the leg, tries to thrust the opponent to the ground. If a contestant`s back touches the ground, he is declared the loser.

Three to five rounds take place before the final verdict is given. Saldu, a form of wrestling, is one of the prominent sports of the Nicobarese tribe. This game does not require a court, only vacant land. The field is divided by a line in the centre, and there are no boundary lines. The number of players is as desired, but each team is to comprise equal number of players. Usually, a maximum of 20 players are allowed in each team.

The raiders stand on one side of the centre line. One player from the team of raiders enters the area of the defenders and tries to touch them, and then get back to his side, crossing the centre line. If he succeeds in doing so, the raiders win a point. Each player touched is declared dead, and is consequently out of the game. If the raider is caught by the defenders in their court, the defenders win a point, and the raider is out of the game.

The team of defenders then assume the role of raiders, and thus the game continues. When the game reaches the pre - determined time limit or when all the players of one team have been sent out of the game, the game ends. The team scoring the maximum number of points at the game`s end is the winner.

As there are no boundaries to the field, Saldu demands far more stamina, speed and endurance than Kabaddi. During a special festival of the Nicobarese tribe, women and men upto the age of 40 years participate with much gusto in this game.

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