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Magical Stories - Namrata Manohar

17 stories to make you slip away into the world of make believe; where Santa can leave you a doll , where Pinky the little fledgling learns that her "unusual" problems are not so unusual after all and where the gold fish fairy sets all things right. There is also Mr. Grumpy the dragon who drank some fire juice and mellowed down and the kind Mr. and Mrs. Barn who never went hungry any more because of the magic pot. Many more stories with fairies and magic rings will interest you as you read this book, `Magical Stories` written by a little girl, much like any of you.

Magical Stories - Namrata Manohar

Her name is Namrata Manohar and she studies in the third standard. Namrata loves to write and as her imagination takes wing, we travel with her to the land of wonderful stories. She is a natural storyteller with a gift for weaving magical tales. Her stories reveal an insight into the workings of everyday things and a wisdom beyond her years. She also shows a love for nature and a simple belief that good always begets good.

But what really makes this slim 56 page book more remarkable than anything else is the fact that Namrata has made all the illustrations in the book herself.  There are lovely brightly coloured pictures to go with each and every story.

Jennifer`s New Pink Pony!

Jennifer was very proud of animals. Her favourite animals were a white rabbit, kittens and puppies. These creatures had mothers and fathers looking after them.

Jennifer loved ponies very much. But she would never get the colour she wanted - a pink pony!

One day while playing she heard a trotting sound. So she told her friends: "Please wait. I`ll come back soon."

Then she ran and reached a farm. There she saw a wicked farmer hitting a very cute pink pony. The pink pony was crying like anything. She went near the farmer and said, " Excuse me. Why are you hitting the pony?"

"It`s because I don`t want her and I dont like her," Replied the farmer.

Then he asked Jennifer: "Hey, would you like to have her?"

"Ok," said Jennifer, Ill keep her." Then she took the pony and ran with it. She soon ran to her friends and said thats he would not be there to play that day. Then she went back home and asked her mother: "Mother, could we keep this pony?"

"Of course, yes!"

Then she gave all the animals food and named the pony `Pinky`!

Then they lived happily ever after.

Magical Stories  by Namrata Manohar
Language : English
First Edition : March 2004-10-03
Price :Rs 40/-
Ilustration : Namrata Manohar
Cover: Namrata Manohar
Published by : Poorna Publications

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