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Matilda - Roald Dahl

Roald DahlMatilda is a dynamic little five-year-old who lives with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood and her bratty brother, Michael. Her parents look upon her as a scab, "something you have to put up with until the time comes when you can pick it off and flick it away". She is seen as a plain nuisance to have around and to ignore. Matilda finds refuge in the town library where she astounds the librarian by choosing books that are way beyond her age. What Matilda`s family don`t know - or actually, haven`t bothered finding out about - is that Matilda is no ordinary child.

To say she has an above average I.Q. would be an understatement; she is nothing short of a genius. Matilda resents the way her parents treat her and ingeniously plans little tricks to get back at them. She goes to school and there meets Ms. Honey, the one person who for the first time, actually takes an interest in her. Ms. Honey is the only person Matilda confides in about her special power, one that she later uses against the most terrorizing Headmistress of them all, Miss Trunchbull.

The book has Dahl`s trademark sense of humour, and a story that keeps you turning the pages eagerly. Best of all, it has a totally unexpected ending. Roald Dahl was born in Llandleff, Wales on September 13, 1916. His parents were Norwegian and he was the only son of a second marriage. The young Roald loved stories and books. He trained as a fighter pilot, but later took to writing books for both children and adults. He started concocting stories to tell his own children and from there emerged all of Dahl`s wonderful books. Roald Dahl died in 1990.


MatildaThe children`s eyes were riveted on the Headmistress. "I don`t like small people," she was saying. "Small people should never be seen by anybody. They should be kept out of sight in boxes like hairpins and buttons. I cannot for the life of me see why children have to take so long to grow up. I think they do it on purpose."

Another extremely brave little boy in the front row spoke up and said, " But surely you were a small person once, Miss Trunchbull, weren`t you?" "I was never a small person,` she snapped. " I have been large all my life and I don`t see why others can`t be the same way."

"But you must have started out as a baby," the boy said. "Me! A baby!" shouted the Trunchbull. "How dare you suggest such a thing! What cheek! What infernal insolence! What`s your name, boy? And stand up when you speak to me!"

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