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1 What is the Indian word for music? Sangoo Music Sangita Sangi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Where is India? On the map. In Asia In Europe In North America -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 What are the three main ways in which Indian people hear music? In the cinema, at school and at home In the cinema, while shopping and outside On the radio, in films while doing their washing On the radio, at the cinema and at concerts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Who ruled India in the 17th century? Britain France Russia India -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 When did India become independant again? In the 1900`s Before 1930 In the 1940`s After 1940 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 In Indian films what happens to the songs? The songs are accompanied by large orchestras The actor/actress sings the songs quietly They become pop hits They are dubbed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 What is a drone? Two or more notes played together at the same time One or more notes sustained throughout a piece of music Three notes played on the piano Rushing the music along -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 What is the name given to rhythm? Tala raga Tal rag -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 What is a raga? The rhythm The drone part The percussion parts The melody -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 What does improvisation mean? To tell lies and make up stories To play the melody as you like To make your part fit with others To make the music up as you go along. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Which instrument plays the melody? The Sitar The Sarod The Tabla The Tanbura -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 How is a Sarod played? With a bow. By hitting it with your fingers Just like a violin. It is plucked. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 What is a Tabla? The table where the musicians put their instruments. A drum kit A set of two drums with leather heads and leather straps for tuning. A stringed instrument that plays the drone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Which religion in Indian music closely related to? Hindu Christian None Buddhism -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Which famous band was heavily influenced by the music of Rava Shanker? Oasis Kula Shaker The Beatles Boyzone

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