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Nail Bitting

And next day you try to cover your nails (your night’s creative work) but everyone notices and smirks.

Do you want to be like that? Forget everyone smirking, what about all the germs that you put with your own fingers into your mouth. Imagine all the things that you touched the whole day – your shoelaces, your gum, your runny nose, your muddy football and all those germs going from under your nails and into your mouth!!!!

Sometimes you may bite so hard that you also bite your fingertips till your skin bleeds! Isn’t that sad to show your insecurity to others?

You nibble, nibble, nibble,
while others giggle, giggle, giggle.

If you want to stop, you can start right now. You can cut your nails regularly with a nail cutter, so when you want to nibble, there isn’t anything to chew on. Or why not have a fancy manicure?

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