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Old Mother Goose

Old Mother Goose, when
      She wanted to wander,
Would ride through the air
      On a very fine gander.
Mother Goose had a Old Mother Goosehouse,
      `T was built in a wood,
Where an owl at the door
      For a sentinel stood.
She had a son Jack,
      A plain-looking lad;
He was not very good,
      Nor yet very bad.
She sent him to market,
      A live goose he bought:
"Here! mother," says he,
      "It will not go for nought.
Jacks goose and her gander
      Grew very fond;
Theyd both eat together,
      Or swim in one pond.
Jack found one morning,
      As I have been told,
His goose had laid him
      An egg of pure gold.
Jack rode to his mother,
      The news for to tell.
She called him a good boy,
      And said it was well.

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