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Paragliding or Parapenting

Paragliding (known in some countries as parapenting) is a recreational and competitive windsport that is best described as a hybrid of hang gliding and parachuting. A paraglider is free-flying, unlike the parachutes used in parasailing, which is generally a passive amusement ride rather than an active sport.

Paragliding or ParapentingParapenting is a lightweight and flexible glider. Glider because to fly, you don`t need a motor nor to be lighter than air and it consists only in taking off and landing, without help and on your own. Your flight obeys the laws of "aerodynamics" that come from the fruit of the movement of the wing of the glider in the air. This way the glider transforms the heights into a distance thanks to the flight.

Parts of a glider:

Surface: square meters that cover the surface of the ground when laid out. Projected surface: square meters that will be occupied on the ground once inflated. Cord: length between the attack border and the escape border Importance: length between stabilizers

Length: relationship between cord and importance
Thickness: length between exterior and interior

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