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1. Which Hindi film actor started featured in ads as the Complan boy?
Ans: Aftab Shivdasani

2. Apart From Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar, which other cricketer is associated with the Boost campaign?
Ans: Mohammed Kaif

3. Which is the official advertising agency of the Indian government?
Ans: Directorate of Audiovisual publicity

4 Which biscuit company was associated with the long running television programme Kaun Banega Krorepati?
Ans: Brittania Industries

5 Which cigarette brand now also has a clothing line by its name?
Ans: Wills

6.Who invented dynamite and left his money to peace?
Ans: Alfred Nobel

7. Where is the land of the midnight sun?
Ans: Lapland which lies in the Arctic circle and stretches across the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Here the sun shines continually for 24 hours a day , for 73 days from mid may to the end of july.

8.. What is Easter Island known for?
Ans: For the giant statues found in the south eastern Pacific islands. It is still a mystery how the Polynesians carved or raised these statues.

9. Who or what is a Portuguese Man of War?
Ans : It is a type of jellyfish

10. In English literature, who is the boy who wouldn`t grow up?
Ans: Peter Pan in J.M.Barrie`s book of the same name.

11.Where are the Seychelles?
Ans: A group of islands in the Indian Ocean in Eastern Africa

12. Shakespeare wrote of this Egyptian queen . Who was she?
Ans : Cleopatra

13. Which sport originating in China and developed in Japan means "empty hands"?
Ans : Karate

14..What do you call a young cow that hasn`t calved?
Ans: A heifer

15. .What do silkworms eat?
Ans: Mulberry leaves

16. What does an entomologist study?
Ans: Insects

17. Which comet was said to pass by earth and was visible from India in late April last year?
Ans: comet NEAT

18. When was the first part of the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Rings first published?
Ans: 29th July 1954

19. Who was the Wizard in The Hobbit?
Ans: Gandalf

20. Goosebumps is a series of books by which author?
Ans: R.L.Stein

21. Where would you find gondoliers?
Ans: Venice. They row the boats in the canals of Venice.

22.What is the young of an otter called?
Ans: whelp

23. What do you call a male sheep?
Ans : Ram

24.If fear of closed spaces is called claustrophobia what is fear of open spaces called?
Ans: Agoraphobia

25.Who wrote about a Martian invasion in The War of the Worlds?
Ans: H.G.Wells

26.Which is the muddiest river in the world?
Ans: Hwang - ho river in China

27. hat is the largest animal without a backbone?
Ans: The giant squid

28.What sport do the Harlem Globetrotters play?
Ans : Basket ball

29.What is David Beckham`s new number?
Ans: 23

30.What is a boa constrictor?
Ans: A snake

31.What is the name of the fish that helps Merlyn to find his son Nemo in the film "Finding Nemo"?
Ans: Doris

32. What kind of fish is Nemo and his father Merlyn in the film "Finding Nemo?`
Ans Clown fish

33. A replica of the Taj Mahal exists in Aurangabad. What is it called ?
Ans Bibi -ka- maqbara

34. Two animals befriended the lost Simba in the animated feature film -"The Lion King?" What were they?
Ans : A skunk and a wart hog

35. In Rudyard Kipling`s book , "The Jungle Book" what is the name of the leader of the elephant herd?
Ans : Colonel Haathi

36. What is the full name of the President of India?
Ans : Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

37.What is a sampan?
Ans: A sampan is a Chinese houseboat

38. How long is a marathon ?
Ans : 42.2 kilometers

39. What kind of sportsmen take part in Tour de France?
Ans: Cyclists

40. Who created Jeremy Fisher and Peter Rabbit?
Ans: Beatrix Potter

41. What does a lexicographer write?
Ans: Dictionaries

42. He made his first class debut for cricket for Mumbai at the age of 15 scoring 100 not out. Who is he ?
Ans : Sachin Tendulkar

43.What is common to these films?- Roja/Earth/Taal/Meenaxi?
Ans: Their music was composed by A.R. Rahaman

44.Which is the fastest train in the world?
Ans. The TGV-Train a Grande Vitesse in France with an average speed of 515/kmph or 320mph

45.The longest running play in the world has been written by the queen of crime fiction. Name the play and its author.
Ans. Agatha Christie`s Mousetrap

46.Where is the world`s newest volcanic island?
Ans: Lateki Island, in the Pacific Ocean. It appeared in June 1979

47.What are Netscape, Navigator, Internet Explorer and Neoplanet?
Ans: They are all browsers

48.Name the Indian who got a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1968 for his interpretation of the genetic code?
Ans : Har Gobind Khorana

49. What is the name of Madonna`s first story book for children?
Ans: The English Roses

50. What is a `glitch` in computers?
Ans : A software error or digital corruption

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