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Reading and Books

Reading and Books

In India, books are traditionally considered the symbol of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. In fact, it`s taboo to let one`s feet even accidentally touch a book. How can you make your books last for ages? * Don`t fold down the corner of the pages to mark the place you were last reading. Instead use a bookmark. `Dog-eared` books not only look awful, their pages also tear easily.

* Never place an open book face down. It damages the spine and loosens the binding. The pages become filthy, too. Don`t leave books open anyway.

* Folding books backwards is a strict no-no. Keep the book spread out flat on its back when reading, preferably on a table.

* Never, never, underline words and sentences or scribble in the margins - especially in library books. Not only does it spoil the book, but it also spoils the enjoyment of the next reader.

* A cardinal sin is tearing pages out or cutting out pictures from books. Remember, books are not raddi. They are meant to be cherished.

* Arrange books in a standing position, not one on top of the other. Use bookends if you have to keep books on your table.

* Don`t wet your finger with spittle when turning the pages of a book. Yuck! That`s awful! The correct way of turning pages is to lift each one gently from the bottom or top right hand corner.

* Are you reading while eating? Stop! Surely you don`t want dal and oil spattering those pristine white pages.

* And last, but not the least, it is sensible to cover books with clear plastic as soon as you buy them.

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