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Q1. Which of King Dasharatha’s three wives asked King Dasharatha to send Prince Rama for fourteen years of exile?

1. Kausalya

2. Sumitra

3. Kaikeyi

Q2. Why did Lakshmana cut off the nose of the she-demon Shurpanakha?

1. He wanted to test the sharpness of his weapon.

2. Shurpanakha had tried to seduce both him and Rama.

3. Shurpanakha had challenged him to a duel.

Q3. Dressed in what disguise did Ravana finally approach Sita?

1. A hermit

2. A rose

3. A lark

Q4. After kidnapping Sita, Ravana took her away with him to Lanka. He carried her away using:

1. A golden chariot

2. A flying chariot

3. His flying steed

Q5. Who was Hanuman?

1. A monkey warrior who helped Rama greatly

2. A monkey warrior who betrayed Rama

3. The monkey king

Q6. Jatayu came to the aid of Sita when she was being vanquished by Ravana. Who was Jatayu?

1. A vulture

2. A tiger

3. A monkey

Q7. Kumbhakarna, Ravana’s brother, was renowned for his:

1. Voracious appetite for women

2. Neverending desire to sleep

3. Hatred of the color purple

Q8. Rama finally kills Ravana with a:

1. Bow and arrow

2. Stone

3. Weapon called the Brahmasthra

Q9. Diwali, one of the largest Hindu festivals, is celebrated on the day that:

1. Rama was born

2. Rama killed Ravana

3. Rama returned to Ayodhya after a 14-year exile

Q10. In the Mahabharata, Karna was the son of Kunti. His father was:

1. Surya, the Sun God

2. Indra

3. Pandu

Q11. Who won Draupadi at her swayamvar?

1. Karna

2. Arjuna

3. Duryodhana

Q12. Why did the Pandava brothers have to go into thirteen years of exile?

1. Yudhisthira believed it was the only way to salvation.

2. Lord Krishna willed it.

3. The brothers were beaten in a game of dice.

Q13. During the last year of exile, the Pandavas had to disguise themselves. Bhima dressed up as a:

1. Chef

2. Stable boy

3. Ballet dancer

Q14. Which part of Duryodhana was not invincible?

1. His foot

2. His thighs

3. His left arm

Q15. Why did Bhima vow to kill Duryodhana and pour his blood on Draupadi’s hair?

1. He wanted to avenge Duryodhana for publicly disrobing Draupadi.

2. He wanted Draupadi to wash her hair.

3. He hated both Duryodhana and Draupadi.

Q16. Yudhishthira, eldest of the Pandava brothers, was best known for his:

1. Devotion and obedience

2. Recklessness and passion

3. Virtue and patience

Q17. Why did Pandu, the younger of the two princes, become the king of Hastinapur?

1. His elder brother, Dhritarashtra, wanted an ascetic life.

2. Dhritarashtra was blind.

3. Dhritarashtra was lame.

Q18. During the great battle of the Kurukshetra, who was Arjuna’s charioteer?

1. His son, Abhimanyu

2. His brother, Nakul

3. Lord Krishna

Q19. What was Bhishma’s deathbed on the battlefield?

1. The earth

2. A bed of arrows

3. A silk satin sheet

Q20. When did the Pandavas realize Karna was their brother?

1. When Karna saved Arjuna`s life on the battlefield

2. After Karna was killed while fighting against them

3. When Bhishma, on his deathbed, told them about Karna

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