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Respecting privacy

However small your house is, each person has a right to his or her own space.

  1. Don`t open a closed door until you have knocked and waited for permission to enter.
  2. Don`t go through anyone else`s cupboard, desk, box, or papers at home or anywhere else without his permission or in his absence. 
  3. Don`t read anyone`s letters or anything he has written (for example, a diary) unless he asks you to. 
  4. Don`t discuss the private affairs of your family with outsiders or tell them about a family problem. 

 Another important part of family good manners is sharing. You share the TV set, telephone and the bathroom and maybe a bedroom, a cupboard or a desk. You share the chores. This means doing your bit, cleaning up after yourself and sharing the responsibility for the safety of everyone in the house.

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