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Short Stories
Indian Tales Jatak And Panchatantra.. Legends
Nasreddin Hodja Fables Fables From Foreign Land..

With all the educative knowledge and playtime taking all the entire day of the kids, it is also required for them to get cozy in their beds, at the end of the day, for a nice sleep and here is when short stories are required!

Short stories, apart from providing just the element for a good-night`s sleep for the young minds, are also a tool at the hands of the parents and the teachers to educate the kids and thus, try to imbibe all the good qualities in them. They can be read out while the kids are sleeping, or at school or while even playing. It is not as difficult to be a story-teller, but yes, it is surely important to make up such stories, that are entertaining, valuable in shaping the character of the children and even educating them!

So, we have just the thing for you! Here, we have all the rich collection of all the possible short stories; right from the famous Indian Tales, the Jatakas, the Panchatantra and Indian as well as foreign Fables for the youngsters. These short stories are full of entertainment, humour, human values, heart-warming and they also help in shaping the overall personality of the child. | Home |