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Sports & Games
• Abseiling / Rappelling.. • Archery • Asol Aap and Asol - Tale..
• Boat Race • Bungy Jumping • Caving
• Gella - Chutt • Heliskiing • Hiyang Tannaba
• Hole Taso Dukanaram • Inbuan • Kabaddi
• Kayaking • Kho-Kho • Khong Kangjei ( Hockey o..
• Kirip • Mallakhamb • Mukna
• Paragliding or Parapenti.. • Sagol Kangjei ( Polo ).. • Scuba Diving
• Snowboarding • Sports trivia • Whitewater Rafting
• Wrestling and Cock Fight.. • Yubee - Lakpee • Zorbing

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Well this saying goes quite true, if you are to immerse yourself in only educative material and no fun-filled activities. So here is the time to roll on your socks and be ready to acquire all the information about the fun-filled and fast-paced sports activities that make your adrenaline rush! A proper balance of studies along with sports is always helpful for the overall development of the child and it is infact very important for the parents to make the children aware of the various sports opportunities around them.

Most of the kids might only be aware of the few childish-activities that are taught in schools or by their friends. But we have just the thing for you! All the information on such sports and activities that are quite unique to the other regular cricket, badminton, tennis or even swimming! Since, the early the kids start their sporting activities, the more perfectly can they choose their careers! Yes, nowadays, since most of the parents do want their kids to excel in sports, we are here to provide a helping hand in you choosing the right track! So, Get…Set…Ready…and Go! | Home |