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Telephone Etiquette-1

Etiquette is a social code which we use when we interact with our friends and family and also with people whom we meet for the very first time. There are certain rules of conduct which make us socially graceful and well mannered. Speaking on the telephone requires some social mores which we should learn and use in our daily conversations with people.

  1. Speak clearly and slowly, loud enough to be heard. Do not mumble.

  2. Always be courteous.

  3. If you are making the call, always remember to ask if it is a convenient time to talk to them.

  4. Remember that your voice carries a lot of weight in a telephone conversation. Since facial expressions and body movements cannot be conveyed through a telephone call, it Is always a good idea to smile when you speak. It makes you sound more pleasant.

  5. If you`re not in the mood to take the call, ask the person if you can call back rather than sound bored, preoccupied or rushed when you speak to them. 

  6. Don`t eat, chew gum or carry on another conversation with someone in the room while on the phone.

  7. Always say Hello and ask who is calling if you don`t recognize the voice. If you are making the call, always identify yourself to the listener. It`s rude to answer the phone by saying, "yeah" or "what`s up". 

  8. Don`t just put people on hold. Always ask them if they mind first and if they say they do mind, let the other call go to your voicemail. If you are expecting a call, let the first caller know so that they can anticipate a beep in their ear and they won`t feel "dismissed" when the second call comes through. 

  9. If you are leaving a message, be sure to leave your first and last name, telephone number and reason for your call. People are more likely to return the call if you leave adequate information.

  10. When you are finished speaking, say something like, thanks for calling, to let the caller know you need to go and then say good-bye. Try not to be abrupt, cut people off in mid-sentence or suddenly announce, "I`ve got to go" and then click the phone in someone`s ear.

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