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The Thama Stories - by Kamala Laxman

The Thama Stories  - by Kamala Laxman

The Thama Stories, by Kamala Laxman, is a delightful cache of fun filled tales about a baby elephant named Thama. Thama lives in the jungle with his mother and is forever getting into trouble because of his mischievous ways. His insatiable thirst for adventure and his excessive energy and mirth lead Thama to discover many amazing things in the forest.

He befriends a wise little bird called Gumchikki, a python by the name of Hebavoo, Anilu the squirrel, Mangu the monkey and even  a little boy. Thama is a good little elephant at heart and wants to make friends with all whom he meets. He is thrilled to see the bushes, the red flowers and the small fishes in the pond. He loves to splash about playfully in the water. He adores slurping honey and chewing on sugarcane; so much so that he offers it to all his friends - even to the impatient tiger Pasha who is actually plotting to make a meal of little Thama. Content to play with everything and everyone in sight, nevertheless Thama is always getting into precarious misadventures. Eventually however, Pasha, the cunning tiger is outwitted by little Thamas guileless ways.

The book is delightfully illustrated with pictures drawn by R.K.Laxman.

Excerpt :
That morning, Pasha could not find any food. He was hungry and naturally angry too. He was roaming all over the forest in search of something to eat. It was then that hsi eyes fell on little Thama standing alone and looking at the red flowers.

Pasha felt happy and smacked his lips. "What a chubby little elephant!" he thought. "Truly, I am lucky today. But I have to be careful. His mother may be somewhere near him. I will be finished if she sees me anywhere close to her baby. I am sacred of big elephants." He slowly moved towards Thama. He looked around for the mother, but could not see her anywhere. This gave him courage.

At last he came near Thama and put on a friendly smile. Thama blinked and smiled back at him. He did not know who was Pasha was, and so he was not afraid of him! Of course, Pasha continued to smile and appear harmless.

. Pasha did not know what to do. He had no time to waste. Thama would not help him with a clear answer! He had to make sure that the mother elephant was nowhere near them. He was getting annoyed with Thama but did not want to show it".

Book Facts :
Published by Penguin Books India
Imprint: Puffin 
Cover Price: Rs 150.00 
ISBN: 0143335146 
Edition: Paperback

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