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Tongue Twisters

Why Spiders Spin webs ?
The spiders web is actually a trap to catch prey.Beneath the spider`s body , there are tiny openings from which it can produce very fine , strong silk thread. The spider fastens the end of this thread to something firm , like a twig or a beam or any piece of furniture . It then goes round and round secreting the silk thread and spinning a wheel of almost invisible gossamer thread.. Later it spins " spokes" to this wheel which strengthen the structure. The spider now patiently waits until a fly gets stuck in its web. And then lunch is ready !

Why Do we Sneeze ?
Atichhooo ! couldn`t stop that sneeze? Howcome?

It is because the act of sneezing is an involuntary one. Sneezing just happens . When we breathe in dust or have a cold , the inside lining of our nose, which is very sensitive, gets irritated. We take a deep breath and when our lungs fill with air , our windpipe closes , our stomach muscles compress the air . Then our windpipe opens again and the air flies out suddenly , in a sneeze which blows the irritating offender out from our nose
Atichooooo !!!!

Animal Trivia
Strange But True

  1. Amazon army ants sometimes travel in groups upto 20 million strong. They destroy and eat everything in their path.
  2. The rare kakapo parrot lays one egg every four years.
  3. The coelacanth fish was thought to be extinct for 70 million years , until one was found alive in 1938.
  4. The Humming bird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
  5. It takes an elephant calf six months to learn how to use its trunk.

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