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Dhanaulti Nagarhole National Park.. Matheran
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Daman Shriwardhan

Travelogue literally means travel writing, whereby the literature typically records the people, events, sights and feelings of an author who is touring any foreign place for the pleasure of travel. When an individual writes a particular content on travel, this individual work is sometimes called a travelogue or itinerary.

A travelogue has to be very specific about the details of the journey from one place to another. Thus taking into account the very minutest details of the journey and not merely a logging of dates and events. Travelogue should also not be mistaken for travel guides, as only an information booklet on hotels, restaurants, major sights, travel tips etc, but something much more and more fruitful. It is mostly coherent narrative insight, recounting adventure & exploration, focussing more on tourism.

A travelogue is mainly written in an essay format, writing everything about the destination right from the history of the place, the excursions and the arts and culture of the destination. For the author, ost of the times, the trip becomes the occasion for extended observations on a nation and its people. Then, there is literary travel writing, which occurs when an author, famous in another field, travels and writes about his or her experiences.

Travelogues may also be cross-cultural or transnational in focus, or it may involve travel to different regions within the same country. Various accounts of spaceflight may also be considered as travel literature. Even Fictional travelogues make up a large proportion of travel literature. Many "fictional" works of travel literature are based on factual journeys, while other works, though based on imaginary and even highly fantastic journeys - nevertheless contain factual elements. | Home |