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Tuntuni`s Tales - Retold

( Translated by- Madhumita Gupta )

Tuntuni is a tiny mite of a bird who lives in Bengal. She is the cleverest little creature in the whole land. Even the Emperor goes round the bend trying to keep up with Tuntuni`s clever ways. Tuntuni can solve virtually any problem ; a fast thinker and an irrepressible chatterbox, Tuntuni tackles the cat, the barber and even the King himself with amazing alacrity.

Tuntuni`s Tales is a book full of simple, funny, adorable stories about not only Tuntuni, the little tailor bird, but also about the tiger, the clever fox and the silly crocodile. Some are simply nonsense stories full of fun and some have a hidden moral within them. Whichever story you read is enjoyable and tickles the imagination.

Practically every child in Bengal has grown up with Upendrakishore Raychoudhuri`s tales for children . "Tunutuni Pakhi" as she is known to children throughout Bengal is really the most adorable little feathered friend one has ever come across. There is also Majantali , the cat who thinks he is smarter than all the rest of the animals in the forest, Pantaburi, the  kind old woman who loves to eat stale rice, and the clever little kid, Narahari Das who could scare away tigers and wolves.

Upendrakishore Raychoudhury was the grandfather of the well known filmmaker, and writer, Satyajit Ray. Upendrakishore was one of the greatest storytellers of Bengal. His son Sukmar Ray and grandson Satyajit Ray carried on his legacy and have given Bengal and the world at large a huge collection of stories for children of all ages. Upendrakishore Raychoudhury himself gave all the illustrations in his books, as did his son and grandson in theirs. Upendrakishore Raychoudhury was also a scientist as well as being a children`s novelist.

Madhumita Gupta has done a good job of translating the stories which can now be read and enjoyed by everybody. She lives in Alwar, Rajasthan where she helps her husband run the institute for languages. She has also written for several newspapers and magazines.

Book Facts :
Published by  - Rupa n Co.
Format :  Paperback
ISBN Code - 81-291-0649-3
Price - Rs. 195/-

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