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Hundreds of thoughts often cross our mind and are lost almost as soon. We do not remember or note down these passing thoughts . They may or may not have been important. Some of us pen down our musings in diaries which are fun to read years later. Just such a diary is avialable on the internet. Here you can pen down your thoughts or voice an opinion and interact with others . It is called authoring a weblog or blog for short.

A blog is like an online journal or diary. You can talk about anything and everything here. You can voice your opinion on any topic under the sun and can comment on blogs other people have posted on the net. You can post interesting snippets of information or use it to post queries which will be answered by other bloggers who read your work. These days there are websites , like www.bloggingnetwork.com which allow you to get paid when people read your blogs. The sites ask a nominal price to register though.

Even though blogs can be free-form , meaning that there are no restrictions on how you write one, some blogs do have a focus. For instance, people interested in a particular subject like technology or medicine or sports can visit such categories and post their entries there.

Most people who are bloggers also look at other peoples blogs and you will often find links to connect you to many other useful sites. Thus, in a way it also acts like a very powerful search engine, where you are given links to only relevant sites.

All of this tight interlinking has created a phenomenon known as Blogosphere. You can bounce around in this blogosphere as long as you like browsing through ton and tons of information.

Weblogs or blogs are usually organized in reverse chronological order, i.e. from most recent to least recent entries.

Another very important function that a weblog performs is that of being a fearless interpreter of facts. Sometimes, reporters are tipped to a story from a blog. You are at liberty to be humourous, sarcastic or critical of the matter posted and you can be sure that your views will be read by many. It functions like an independent media.

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