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What is a vomit?

A vomit is throwing up your stomach contents outside from your mouth. Vomit consists of half digested food or liquid that is mixed with your digestive juice that exits through your mouth. It could be anything that you have eaten. Vomit may be of several colours depending upon what coloured food you have eaten. Why do we vomit? Well, everyone vomits sometime or the other in their life. Vomiting can occur due to several reasons. But the commonest cause is infection. Some germs may enter your stomach along with the food that you eating. These germs then cause your stomach to push the food up rather than down and you land up vomiting. Sometimes, vomiting can occur due to overeating or even eating the wrong combination of food. Thus, anything that upsets the stomach may cause vomiting. Vomiting may not be related to food all the time. Sometimes, we may get dizzy while sitting in a roller coaster, riding a plane or travelling in a ship and we may land up vomiting. This is known as motion sickness. Small babies tend to throw up easily as they swallow lot of air while feeding. Hence, burping the babies is very important to relieve them of an upset stomach. So what should I do if I vomit? First & foremost, remember that everyone has vomited sometime or the other in his or her life, so do not be embarrassed if you vomit. You may get a sensation of food rushing up your throat. If you feel like throwing up, go straight to the bathroom or a sink. If you can’t manage that and puke right there & then, remain calm. Call on a friend, teacher or a parent and tell them what happened. Try to sit down and take a few sips of water and try and catch your breath in between sips. Most of the time, you’ll feel better. If the vomiting persists, or you have a fever or headache, consult your doctor. Your doctor shall prescribe some medicine to control it.

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