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When you have guests at home

  1. If you know in advance that you have guests coming , it is always polite to be there to receive your guests at the door.

  2. If they are going to stay over at your place, you may give them a separate room ; but if that is not possible it is nicer to give them your own bedroom instead of letting them using the drawing room floor. 

  3. Ask what kind of refreshments they would like.

  4. If you happen to receive a gift from them which you don`t like or already have, it is rude to say so to them. Thank them graciously and accept the gift. After all they were thinking about you when they bought it for you.

  5. If, in the middle of the conversation with your guests the telephone rings, excuse yourself  first before you begin to talk. Do not stay on the phone endlessly and keep your guest waiting.

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